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  • Jeffery B. Scott

Mr. Scott serves as counsel to the law firm. He has over 15 years of insurance, specialty finance, real estate, private and public equity investment and legal experience. In addition to his other activities, Mr. Scott is a member of the Board of Directors of Olympus Insurance Company, and currently serves as the Consumer Division President for the country’s largest insurance premium finance company, Premium Financing Specialists, Inc. (“PFS”) and is President of both the New York and New Jersey Premium Finance Associations. Mr. Scott is both a primary shareholder and board member of Valogix, Inc. a global business software provider, and WiFi Fee, LLC a provider of wireless internet and telecom services. Mr. Scott was the founder and CEO of Capitol Payment Plan, Inc. and Barry Scott Companies, Inc. until their acquisition by PFS and Progressive Insurance Corp., respectively. His unique background and skills are an invaluable resource in working with members of our law firm on business matters, particularly those of an entrepreneurial nature.